Day 334: A ride up top

On top of the chicken bus

Although descending Tajumulco only took about half the time of going up, it seemed like our knees and joints took twice the pounding. After a well-deserved, hearty lunch, our group of 25 still had to catch a couple of chicken buses to make our way back to Xela. We rigidly sprinted to the first one that stopped and instead of cramming in for some standing room only spots, we opted for the less stuffy and open air ride on top. Márcia solicited my opinion about the safety of such an endeavor after we got situated with the bags and other cargo and I just suggested she stay ready to jump off. With the higher center of gravity, it seemed like we would tip over on almost every curve but we had faith in the driver’s skills and eventually made it to the station without having to bail. The ride was a fitting and satisfying escapade to end our series of memorable volcano excursions.

Como para descer, todo santo ajuda, foram apenas 3 horas e depois do super almoço, agora é hora de esperar pelo ônibus. Domingo, dia de feira, e o busão mais que loootaaadooo. Então como a vontade de chegar em casa foi grande, ir lá em cima com as malas seria oportunidade única. Mais emocionante do que pegar um chicken bus e ir junto com os sacos de batata rsrs. Sim, super perigoso, ainda mais quando passávamos nas curvas, a impressão que iamos caír era maior ainda. Mas, é assim, com um super sorrisso no rosto e o sentimento de vitória que fechamos nossas escaladas de vulcão (nessa temporada) com chave de ouro . Gracias Taju!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 334: A ride up top

  1. I have a smile on my face to think about your adventures on trekking volcanoes.
    You are brave !
    I hope, as your trip is almost coming to an end (sad face here!), you will have these beautiful memories in your soul and hear forever !

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